Giving Meaning to Madness

The Department of English Studies will host a public lecture by Holly Case, Associate Professor of History at Brown University (USA) entitled “Giving Meaning to Madness: Hermeneutic Experiments during the Second World War.” 4 pm, Thursday, December 5th, in the Faculty Conference Room (Kari Konferenciaterem). Click on the image for details.

Jágónak VII

Tomorrow starts our biennial Shakespeare conference. This year’s conference title is Shakespeare Tenses: Present. Perfect. Continuous (Jágónak VII). For details see the conference website.

A note to our returning participants: the first day of the conference is at the magnificent Art Nouveau building, Reök Palace at Magyar Ede tér.

Porto Intensive Programme 17-29/06/2019

The New Faces consortium* is pleased to announce that its third intensive programme, held under the project’s general title “Facing Europe in Crisis: Shakespeare’s World and Present Challenges”, will be hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Universidade do Porto (Portugal), from the 17th to the 29th June 2019. The intensive programme will count on the presence of 60 students and 20 teaching staff from the consortium’s universities. It will consist of a series of academic seminars, combined with round-table discussions and a range of extension activities organised in collaboration with some of the New Faces associate partners. A full detailed schedule will be available soon at .

New Faces is a European Strategic Partnership that aims to promote historical and literary understanding of the complexities of crises (cultural, linguistic, political, social, religious, and economic), to help face a complex contemporary European context.

* the New Faces consortium:
Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 – IRCL – CNRS
Charles University in Prague
Uniwersytet Jagielloński (Jagiellonian University)
Faculdade de Letras, Universidade do Porto
University of Szeged, Department of English
Freie Universität Berlin
Universidad de Murcia
Utrecht University
Università degli Studi di Ferrara

TDK 2018 Fall

The local TDK (Tudományos Diák Kör/Scholarly Paper Competition) round of student academic activities will be held on November 29-30, 2018. The English-American Institute’s participants are scheduled to present their papers on Thursday, November 29, from 4 pm in Petőfi V room. All peers are welcome to cheer them on and gain an insight into making and presenting an academic argument.  These are the competing students and their presentations:

Gál Inéz (MA): A dajkanyelv és az állatokkal való kommunikáció fonetikai vizsgálata
Mike Laura (MA): Kyd’s Traumatic Passage to the Underworld: The Spanish Tragedy and Early Modern Crises
Tóth Zsolt (BA): Bestial Parts of Ourselves: An Examination of Adrienne Kennedy’s The Owl Answers and Peter Shaffer’s Equus
Földesi Milán (MA): Othering and the representation of black characters in the Star Wars saga
Soueyoshi Kiyotaka (MA): Walt Whitman’s Common Sense

“Where there is much desire to learn, here of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, many opinions; for opinion in good men is but knowledge in the making.” (John Milton, Areopagitica)

Public Lecture by Dr Béatrice Laurent

The Gender Research Group (TNT) is hosting a public lecture by Dr Béatrice Laurent (Bordeaux Montaigne University, France), entitled “Sleeping Beauties in Victorian Britain: Cultural, Artistic and Literary Explorations of a Myth.” The event will be held on April 18, 2018 at 5 p.m. in the Faculty’s Conference Room. For more details see the event’s flyer.


The Institute of English & American Studies will host a TDK (Tudományos DiákKör / Scientific Student Association’s) mini conference for the Institute’s students on April 13, 2018.

What is TDK?

  • extracurricular academic activity
  • beyond curricular expectations
  • prepares your way for further academic study

Why should I apply?

  • free feedback
  • responses from peers
  • elite tutorial assistance
  • extra points for academic applications


is due by March 20 (Tue), 10 a.m.

Application package