Barát, Erzsébet | zsazsa@lit.u-szeged.hu | website
Position: Associate Professor & Convener of the Gender Studies MA Program
Service: Coordinator of Gender Studies Track, MA in English Stuies; founding editor-in-chief TNTeF e-journal; Academic Advisor
Research & supervision: critical studies of discourse; language ideology and power; theories of sexuality and gender; feminist media studies; queer linguistics, sexual citizenship
Publications: MTMTlink | academia.edu

Bocsor, Péter | pbocsor@lit.u-szeged.hu | website
Senior Assistant Professor
Research & supervision: Modern & Post-Modern Literature, Literary Theory

Cora, Zoltán | corazoltan@gmail.com | website
Position: Senior Assistant Professor
Service: English and American Minor Programme Coordinator, MTMT administrator
Research & supervision: Modern and contemporary British and European history and historiography, history of the Cold War, 19th-20th–century British and Hungarian social history, theories of history, aesthetics of the sublime from classical antiquity to the postmodern, British literature and aesthetics in the 18th and 19th centuries
Publications: MTMTlink | academia.edu

Dudits, András | dudits@lit.u-szeged.hu | website
Position: Senior Assistant Professor
Service: Program Coordinator BA Specialization in Translation and Interpreting (T&I), MA in T&I, Postgraduate Specialist Training in T&I
Research & supervision:Translation Studies
Publications: MTMTlink


Fenyvesi, Anna | fenyvesi@lit.u-szeged.hu | website
Position: Associate Professor
Service: Director of Institute, Director of English Applied Linguistics PhD program, Director of English Applied Linguistics Specialization MA
Research & supervision: Sociolinguistics, bilingualism, language contact
Publications: MTMTlink | academia.edu

Kenesei, István | kenesei@sol.cc.u-szeged.hu | website
Position: Professor Emeritus
Service: University Doctoral Council, University Science Advisory Board
Research & supervision: Syntax, morphology, semantics, theoretical linguistics
Publications: MTMTlink

Kérchy, Anna | akerchy@ieas-szeged.hu | website
Position:  Associate Professor
Service: Curriculum Committee member (Literature courses), TNTeF e-journal editor
Research & supervision: literary theory, gender studies, body studies, Victorian, 20th c. and contemporary literature, children’s/YA literature, the fantastic imagination and fairy tales
Publications: MTMTlink | academia.edu

Kiss, Attila  | akiss@lit.u-szeged.hu | website
Position: Associate Professor, Head of Department
Research & supervision: Early Modern and Postmodern drama and theater, semiotics, theories of subject and literature, postsemiotics, semiography
Publications: MTMTlink | academia.edu

Kocic-Zámbó, Larisa | larisa@ieas-szeged.hu | website
Position: Senior Assistant Professor
Service: Curriculum Committee member (Academic Writing), TNTeF e-journal editor, webmaster of TNT, TNTeF and the English Department websites
Research & supervision: religious/metaphysical literature of the Renaissance, Restoration and the 18th-century, gender and Early Modern literature,  pop culture—theory and praxis (fan fictions; comics/graphic novels)
Publications: MTMTlink | academia.edu

Małgorzata Suszczyńska | gosia@lit.u-szeged.hu | website
Position: Senior Assistant Professor
Research & supervision: pragmatics – theories of linguistic politeness and face-work, types of spoken discourse, social psychology
Publications: MTMTlink

Nyikos, Dániel Árpád | danielnyikos@gmail.com | website
Position: Junior Assistant Professor
Research & supervision: British colonial fiction; early science fiction and fantasy ( – 1980s); Victorian literature, especially novels; the weird tale
Publications: MTMTlink | academia.edu

Péter, Robert | robert.peter@ieas-szeged.hu | website
Position: Senior Assistant Professor
Service: Chair of the BA Thesis Committee, IT representative of the English Department
Research & supervision: digital humanities, eighteenth-century studies, history of ideas, British religious history, press history, British-Hungarian relations, 1600-1900, history of secret societies such as Freemasonry
Publications: MTMTlink | academia.edu

Sávai-Matuska, Ágnes  | magnes@lit.u-szeged.hu | website
Position: Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department
Research & supervision: Early Modern literature and culture, drama semiotics, translation and interpretation, intermediality
Publications: MTMTlink

Szőnyi, György Endre | geszonyi@lit.u-szeged.hu | website
Position: Professor
Research & supervision: 16-18c. British literature, Renaissance, English music and visual arts, occultism, literature
Publications: MTMTlink | academia.edu

Thomas, Williams