Global Healers: Arts and Humanities

Free elective online course for all majors available in Neptun! For details download the PDF document.
Here is the list of lectures with their respective dates:
  • 10-FEB Holly Case, Brown University: “Robot Revolutions: Why Do Robots Always Rise Up?”
  • 17-FEB Anna Kérchy, University of Szeged: “The cultural history of freak shows: navigating between mythical, biomedical, and social constructionist understandings of disability — towards a healthier society”
  • 24-FEB Kent Cartwright, University of Maryland, College Park:  “Laughter, Surprise, and Wonder:  The Healthfulness of Shakespearean Comedy.”
  • 3- MAR Fatima Vieira, University of Porto: “Alimentopia: Utopian Foodways”
  • 10-MAR, Lilla Farmasi, University of Szeged: “Cognitive science and literature: Literary representations of the subjective experience of being ill”
  • 17- MAR Paola Spinozzi, University of Ferrara: “The Ecological Humanities and Ecocriticism for Sustainable Wellbeing”
  • 24-MAR Beata Glinka, University of Warsaw:” Organisations in a social context: how volunteering influences employees”
  • 31-MAR Shaul Bassi, University of Venice: “The Medusa and the Mermaid: Thinking and Feeling with the Environmental Humanities”
  • 7-APR Andrea Némedi, software development manager, coach, soft skill trainer: “The Artistic and Literary Language of Albert-Laszlo Barabasi’s Network Science”
  • 21-APR Helena Sandberg, Lund University: “Media and health – a happy marriage?”
  • 28-APR István Szendi, University of Szeged: “The Narrative Facilitation of Recovery”
  • 5-MAY Patrick Gray, University of Durham: “Dramatic Representations of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Sophocles, Seneca, Shakespeare, and the Question of Anachronism”
  • 12-MAY Dávid Marno, University of California, Berkeley: TB