The Institute of English and American Studies offers a downloadable course syllabus for each semester. This syllabus contains all the courses offered by IEAS structured as explained below. You will find the direct link to our current catalogue below but you can also check out the Institute’s document center and choose the document you wish to read from the Syllabus group.

Items in the syllabus show the following pieces of information: the Course Title is followed by the subject area of the course (general, literature, history, culture, linguistics, language, methodology), the type (lecture, seminar), the years (1, 2-3, 2-5, 4-5), and the degree programs it is offered for (BAAM, BAENG, TE, BAENmin, BAAMmin). Please note that the course instructors’ names are given following the degree program information. The instructors’ names following the Neptun codes are for administrative purposes only. You will find the venues and the time schedules of the current courses on Neptun.

Current Course Offers:

Syllabus – BA – Spring 2020

Syllabus – Graduate Programme (MA & PhD) – Spring 2020

Syllabus – Corresponding Programme (levelezĹ‘s) – Spring 2020 TBA




Dear Students, thank you for your interest in our courses. Please visit our Institute’s Erasmus page to browse the IEAS syllabi of the past two academic years to see the types of courses we offered. While we cannot guarantee that the very same courses will be advertised the following semester, this is meant to have an overall view on the topics and the number of courses available. Please be advised that our course offer can be accessed in Neptun; for our latest syllabi, see the links above under current course offers.